Week 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking

My future is never certain for me. All I have are ideal goals but my plans always end up changing. This assignment asks for 3 possible futures but the possibilities are endless. Instead, I will provide my own personal experience of me trying to find my possible fit in my current and future life.


I feel like I undergo different future alterations all the time. Going into college, I was determined to become a doctor. My focus was the medical field. I wanted to find the cure for cancer, being the optimistic freshman I once was.


During my first semester of college, I was struggling as a Molecular Biology major. I began to realize that if I was struggling this hard with general science classes, imagine how much of an obstacle upper level classes would be for something I want to do. I guess you could say, I wanted to seek an alternative route for my future by both enjoying what I’m studying and what I do.


Between the transition of finding a major that interests me during my second semester, I decided to pledge for a fraternity. My process took up the whole semester. From Week of Welcome to the end of finals week. I failed to pay attention in school because I was just so lost so I used this to take my mind off of my struggle and seek improvements in my attitude and gain different perspectives. I took this semester to find my comfort zone so I know where to push through.


At the beginning my third semester, I decided to change my major from Molecular Biology to Psychology. I figured, if I can’t help people physically, I can help them mentally. Healing doesn’t have to be generalized to only physical attributes, but psychological as well. I decided to start working as well. Having a job, settling into a new major, and being an active member in an organization took a toll on me but I persevered because this is something I wanted to do. It was time to step out of my comfort zone and take more chances at finding myself and what I like.


As I now begin to conclude my fourth semester, I decided to take up a position on executive board for my fraternity, take on a new job at a new up and coming restaurant, while striving through my academics. I feel like I’m going the right path because I’m happy and that’s all that matters. I learned that struggle is what makes a successful experience towards your future.


EC Post Evaluating the class

Slack + WordPress vs BeachBored: Slack+WP “better”

Would you keep Slack + WP? Or just Slack? Or just WP?


My personal preference would be Beachboard because all my classes use it and it keeps everything concise. It appeals to my personality because I’m familiar with its organization and operations. I think utilizing the Slack to have the class on the same page and to have a common ground with the instructor on a more casual and friendly environment is a really cool idea. Word Press, as a means to turn in assignments, is fun because it may introduce a new form of expression through blog posts to those who aren’t necessarily familiar with it.


I believe keeping both the Slack AND Word Press will be beneficial to future students. But, it will add more for students to keep track of, along with their other courses they will be taking.


I don’t believe I would have a “favorite” activity but I can tell you which ones interested me the most and I was more compelled on completing


Most Interesting:

Week 2 – Plaster Casting

-This activity showed that not everything will come out the way you initially expected. Sometimes, trial and error is what we need to develop better methods and habits to approaching a problem.

Week 9 – Graffiti Writing

-Expression, self-awareness, and fun is what I thought of this activity. Seeing your name, something you own, something part of you, portrayed on a wall for all to see made me feel really bubbly and proud.

Week 14 – Sketching in the Garden

-I love the garden. The culture and history inspired me.


Least Interesting:

Week 4 – Care Package

­-I make a lot of bins and care packages for people so I felt as if it wasn’t new to me.

Week 6 – Zines and Flip Books

-I feel as if I could have done more about this activity.

Week 10 – Architecture and Urban Planning

-I don’t think there was much opportunity to be creative about this “problem” we have at school.

Week 14 – Art Activity

The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden is a Japanese garden encompassing 1.3 acres on the campus of California State University, Long Beach, in Long Beach, California, United States. It was dedicated in 1981.

This garden was the attraction on campus that I constantly visited once I was enrolled at CSULB.

This art activity is one of my favorites because I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting the garden, WITH A PASSION!

Having the chance to speed sketch scenes throughout the garden was really fun and allowed me to discover how to see things in different perspectives.

Week 14 – Classmate Conversation

This is Sara Rivenbark! I remember meeting her our first year in the Parkside dorms.

This is how she responded when I asked her to describe herself:
“I’m around average height with short brown hair.”

I can say that this is one of the most hipster responses I’ve ever received. Can’t you imagine that as a title of the book or an opening sentence in a book? It’s great!

This is how she responded when I asked her to describe herself in 5 words:
“I would say bookworm, beach-lover, intelligent, sarcastic, and loyal”

I have a newfound appreciation for books and reading. I can say that books are still relevant to this generation and have so much to teach us.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BEACH! I feel like I’m so dark BECAUSE of the beach.
I feel like Sara is SUPRE intelligent! I mean, she’s an Organismal Bio major.
Sarcasm is a gift, I feel, because if you do it wrong, sarcasm may come out the wrong way, does that make sense?
Loyalty is such an amazing quality and really hard to come by, nowadays. 18362236_1376531559059269_1500222830_o

Week 13 – Artist Conversation

Table sugar, or C12H22C11 (sucrose), “is a common saccharide found in many plants and plant parts. Saccharose is an obsolete term for sugars in general, especially sucrose. Sugar is the generic name for sweet, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. There are various types of sugar derived from different sources. Simple sugars are called monosaccharides and include glucose, fructose, and galactose.”

According to the Advanced Physical Magazine, there are some pros and cons of sugar. For example:

-“Have you ever heard the saying, “Too much of anything isn’t good for you”? Well when it comes to sugar, too much is really not good for you. Studies have shown the extremely dangerous effects of high intakes of sugar. Below is a list of some of these effects you should worry about.”

-Tooth decay, Diabetes, Triglycerides (aka getting fat), and a weakened immune system are what possible effects of sugar to your diet.

Week 13 – Classmate Conversation

This lovely lady is Debbie Do!

She is currently undeclared  at the moment but is planning on going into health science. She is currently a first year. She planned to go into this major because she is fascinated and intrigued by the human body; functions, illnesses etc.

One interesting fact about her is that she has gone to all the secret beaches in Laguna. Besides work and school, she likes to hangout with her friends! Like myself, she is affiliated in greek life in Long Beach. She is currently in a sorority. With sorority functions to go she is pretty busy and i understand the struggle. She really enjoys going out and exploring new places and just kicking it with her friends.Image-1.jpg

WK11- Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

A recurring theme in the United States is Gun Violence. This issue has become more prevalent after every year.

There were approximately 8,500 homicides due to firearms in 2011, out of around 12,600 homicides total. This means that more than two-thirds of homicides involve a firearm. Around 6,000 of those homicides by firearm (72%) are known to have involved a handgun.

Firearm savagery additionally influences more than its casualties. In ranges where it is pervasive, quite recently the danger of brutality makes neighborhoods poorer. It’s extremely hard to evaluate the aggregate damage brought about by weapon viciousness, however by asking many individuals the amount they would pay to stay away from this danger – a strategy called unexpected valuation – scientists have assessed a cost to American culture of $100 billion dollars.

In an online article, “The Atlantic,” (https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/02/gun-violence-in-america-the-13-key-questions-with-13-concise-answers/272727/) :

How do mass shootings differ from other types of gun violence?

The FBI defines a “mass murder” as four or more murders during the same incident. This is an arbitrary number, but a dividing line is useful when asking whether there are differences between mass shootings and other kinds of gun violence. The most comprehensive public list of U.S. mass shootings is the spreadsheet of 62 incidents from 1982-2012, compiled by Mother Jones. Their list shows:

  • Mass shootings happen all over the country.
  • Killers used a semi-automatic handgun in 75% of incidents, which is about the same percentage as the 72% in overall gun violence.
  • Killers used an assault weapon in 40% of incidents. This is much higher than overall assault weapon use in crimes, estimated at less than 2%.
  • The guns were obtained legally in 79% of mass shootings.
  • Many of the shooters showed signs of mental illness, but in only two cases was there a prior diagnosis.
  • There were no cases where an armed civilian fired back.

2012 was the worst year in American history, in terms of total victims. A graph of yearly victims shows a slight upward trend. But the pattern is a lot less clear without the 2012 peak, and because yearly numbers vary so widely, it’s likely that there will be many fewer victims next year.”