Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

My first time working with plaster was about a year ago. I had no idea what kind of stress i was getting myself into and how difficult it was just to pour the plaster into the sand mold. I think I reached maximum anxiety.

Having the opportunity to do this activity again meant REDEMPTION!

The process was very simple. First, you make the mold. Then, you make the solution for your plaster. Finally you pour the liquid plaster and wait for it to set. I can definitely say that I was excited to see the outcome of the plaster cast and compare it to last year’s creation.

Though I fail to have any pictures of my last year’s work because I realized I deleted everything after the year started (I clean this computer at the beginning of every year.) I can say, off of what I remember, that this cast came out a lot better than my last! I am so happy to see that This time, a majority of my fingers stayed attached this time around!



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