Week 3 – Classmate Conversation

This week, I had the honor in meeting Joanne Tafalla. She just so happens to be one of my bro’s girlfriend.

She is a 3rd year, Health Science major. “Health Science has many career options. It’s like being undeclared, but I’m working towards something in the medical field. Cause I’m not sure what I want to be yet lol.”  I was lost until I decided to change my majors from Molecular Biology to Psychology. I can relate, somewhat

“Interesting fact.. I’m allergic to avocados I hang out with friends, go to gym, lay around at home lmao.” SHE IS LITERALLY THE SECOND PERSON I’VE MET THAT IS ALLERGIC TO AVOCADOS!! I perceive that to be beyond bizarre. What are the odds of meeting someone allergic to dogs over someone allergic to avocados?!? I was shook to find out.

I hear good things about Joanne and I really hope to see her again soon! TELL JONAS I SAID, “WHAT’S UP FAMS!” (Though I see him often lol)

*Insert Heart Emoji*

Here is the link to her site:


Here’s our picture! Please excuse my basicness


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