Week 4 – Artist Conversation

This week, I had the privilege to see the gallery of Josh Vasquez. This is my second time visiting one of his gallaries at CSULB. This gallery is called,
“I Love The Way You Fall Asleep.”

Going through his gallery, I noticed a pattern in every piece. There was a line, separating the canvas filled with colors and a sliver of blank area. This signifies a demarcation of architecture and skyline.

Josh is from LA. He personifies LA as a woman and uses art to personalize his feelings for her. He tried to subtly bring LA to the gallery by using a fence and palm tree leaves spread out throughout the gallery. He displays pieces in pairs to represent different time of days.
“I think each one had its own path, without trying to focus.” Different starting points and going different directions. He tried not to make it look the same, though the pieces may look similar.


I enjoyed his gallery very much. Being from LA county, experiencing the feelings behind every piece, helped me understand the concept of his artwork. His vision is subtle, yet inspiring.

His email is Josh.vasquez1@gmail.com if you wanted to contact him!

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