Week 5 – Extra Credit LA Book Fair

This past Friday, I decided to pay LA a visit. I always love venturing out to the city and discovering things that are not present in my home town of Carson, CA.

I have been to toLittle Tokyo numerous times but I failed to see what the art community had to offer. This night was special in a sense, where the young and old, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender shared the same interests and passions through art. I am not as exposed or experienced in art but I felt as if that did not matter. Everyone was welcoming, open-minded and liberal in their own way.

Once I arrived to the venue, I sensed this overwhelming rush of influence, feeling, and community, which intimidated me. I walked around to see that this is a lot more different than the art galleries we visit on campus. Guests were able to purchase merchandise from the artists/ representatives on display that showcase their art, opinions, and influence.

I was intrigued in one of the galleries. It was an area that had pages of drawings and hand written messages on every page. After making my own interpretation of what was displayed, I went up to a representative of the artist and had a conversation with her.

The artist’s name was George Herms. This gallery was influenced by healing in the stars, astrology, a new meaning for himself, He committed to an entry a day using a symbol of every day making it personal for him, incorporated symbols and stars in relation to his place in the world. Symbols were displayed or hidden in every page. Every page had a symbol and a psychological interpretation from his friend who happened to be a clairvoyant. By having this love of commitment to not just Herms, but multiple people, showed me that we can all come together and make collaborative art.

I have experienced a newfound appreciation in art and in myself. Looking at all these pieces, walking through the galleries, talking to different people, showed me a new world that has been laying dormant in my life until now.

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