Week 5 – Artist Conversation (With A Twist)



They are an entertaining, intriguing specimen. They seem to have caught the attention and affection of many individuals, communities, and countries, slowly seeking their way into our culture and livelihood. We are unaware of their influence. These beings work without any effort, harnessing their energy every time we use them, waiting for the opportunity to strike back. Hiding in the shadows by laying in plain sight. A danger that is laying dormant, hiding in the shadows of our amusement and incompetence.

To those who have seen the dangers of these beings, “memes,” is what we decided to classify them as, we began to notice that something was wrong. Once a human is exposed to a meme, the meme will infect the human, becoming a host for the meme, the human remaining conscious but unaware of the infection. We learned that the meme that infected the host will begin to portray itself, amusing humans that interact with the host. Everyone who has made in contact of the infected host will allow themselves to be infected themselves.

This is a virus. These memes are starting to gain intelligence. Starting off as captions, they began to evolve to pictures and videos, then into our music, and now to art galleries. Their goal is to gain attention, amusement, and contact, this is how they survive and dominate a species.

They are becoming aware of our weakness. Humans are susceptible to memes. The memes do not put their energy into infecting us. Once a host loses interest in the meme, it dies off but gives birth to a new meme, ready to infect another human, making them a host.

This is like a zombie apocalypse, a plague. Do memes wish to live alongside humans in this commensalism relationship? What is going to be of the human race in the future?

If you happen to be reading this, please head the warnings of memes. I’m afraid my time is up. Cash me ousside, how bow dah.

  • A Host

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