Week 6 – Classmate Conversation

Today I had the pleasure to meet Misty Ruiz.

Misty is a third year! She is undeclared but she is leaning towards Kinesiology – Exercise Science. She commutes fromHuntington Beach. She bounced around from major to major but really wanted to keep her focus on health and science. She is very studious, such that school is her main focus. Though the is guilty to binge watch, she enjoys exploring new places. Time management is her nemesis, common among college students.

“I really want to graduate,” says Ruiz. I would love to graduate but i have embraced the cold truth, I will not be graduating in four years. Since I have switched my major, I understand that it will take longer than expected of me to graduate, which is common for college students.

Getting to know each other, we thought back to Valentine’s Day. We told each other what happened and what we did for each other’s valentine. She didn’t plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day but ended up hanging out with her boyfriend. She salvaged ever snack she could find and assembled a last minute care package after deciding not to get each other anything.

If you ever get the chance, please go and meet Misty! She’s pretty cool and kind! Here’s the link to her website and selfies we took:ART

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