Week 7 – Artist Conversation

This week I was feeling a little under the WEATHER! When I took my weekly stroll around the art galleries, I couldn’t help but notice one of the galleries that had pieces of weather patterns on them.

This gallery consisted of a NATURAL vibe that was held throughout. As I was observing every piece, I saw the feelings of the artist and mother nature working harmoniously to tell stories. The difference of weather patterns around the world is what unifies us all, something that we all experience and have in common. I never took into consideration what the weather may impact in our everyday life.

The works of Ashley Shumaker in her gallery, “Storm Studies,” attempt to “explore abstract landscape through works on paper.” She was able to interpret the weather through more than a map or a simple forecast. Recently, the city of Los Angeles encountered a series of fog and heavy rain, “uncommon to this area”. Using a grey and blue color palette, she wanted to create a reaction to the environment around her. She used the fallen palm bark found after the recent LA storms. Evoking a reflection on the specific light, color, presence of water and the quiet stillness in the moments after a heavy storm.

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