EC Post Evaluating the class

Slack + WordPress vs BeachBored: Slack+WP “better”

Would you keep Slack + WP? Or just Slack? Or just WP?


My personal preference would be Beachboard because all my classes use it and it keeps everything concise. It appeals to my personality because I’m familiar with its organization and operations. I think utilizing the Slack to have the class on the same page and to have a common ground with the instructor on a more casual and friendly environment is a really cool idea. Word Press, as a means to turn in assignments, is fun because it may introduce a new form of expression through blog posts to those who aren’t necessarily familiar with it.


I believe keeping both the Slack AND Word Press will be beneficial to future students. But, it will add more for students to keep track of, along with their other courses they will be taking.


I don’t believe I would have a “favorite” activity but I can tell you which ones interested me the most and I was more compelled on completing


Most Interesting:

Week 2 – Plaster Casting

-This activity showed that not everything will come out the way you initially expected. Sometimes, trial and error is what we need to develop better methods and habits to approaching a problem.

Week 9 – Graffiti Writing

-Expression, self-awareness, and fun is what I thought of this activity. Seeing your name, something you own, something part of you, portrayed on a wall for all to see made me feel really bubbly and proud.

Week 14 – Sketching in the Garden

-I love the garden. The culture and history inspired me.


Least Interesting:

Week 4 – Care Package

­-I make a lot of bins and care packages for people so I felt as if it wasn’t new to me.

Week 6 – Zines and Flip Books

-I feel as if I could have done more about this activity.

Week 10 – Architecture and Urban Planning

-I don’t think there was much opportunity to be creative about this “problem” we have at school.

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