Week 7 – Artist Conversation

This week I was feeling a little under the WEATHER! When I took my weekly stroll around the art galleries, I couldn’t help but notice one of the galleries that had pieces of weather patterns on them.

This gallery consisted of a NATURAL vibe that was held throughout. As I was observing every piece, I saw the feelings of the artist and mother nature working harmoniously to tell stories. The difference of weather patterns around the world is what unifies us all, something that we all experience and have in common. I never took into consideration what the weather may impact in our everyday life.

The works of Ashley Shumaker in her gallery, “Storm Studies,” attempt to “explore abstract landscape through works on paper.” She was able to interpret the weather through more than a map or a simple forecast. Recently, the city of Los Angeles encountered a series of fog and heavy rain, “uncommon to this area”. Using a grey and blue color palette, she wanted to create a reaction to the environment around her. She used the fallen palm bark found after the recent LA storms. Evoking a reflection on the specific light, color, presence of water and the quiet stillness in the moments after a heavy storm.


Week 6 – Classmate Conversation

Today I had the pleasure to meet Misty Ruiz.

Misty is a third year! She is undeclared but she is leaning towards Kinesiology – Exercise Science. She commutes fromHuntington Beach. She bounced around from major to major but really wanted to keep her focus on health and science. She is very studious, such that school is her main focus. Though the is guilty to binge watch, she enjoys exploring new places. Time management is her nemesis, common among college students.

“I really want to graduate,” says Ruiz. I would love to graduate but i have embraced the cold truth, I will not be graduating in four years. Since I have switched my major, I understand that it will take longer than expected of me to graduate, which is common for college students.

Getting to know each other, we thought back to Valentine’s Day. We told each other what happened and what we did for each other’s valentine. She didn’t plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day but ended up hanging out with her boyfriend. She salvaged ever snack she could find and assembled a last minute care package after deciding not to get each other anything.

If you ever get the chance, please go and meet Misty! She’s pretty cool and kind! Here’s the link to her website and selfies we took:ART

Week 5 – Artist Conversation (With A Twist)



They are an entertaining, intriguing specimen. They seem to have caught the attention and affection of many individuals, communities, and countries, slowly seeking their way into our culture and livelihood. We are unaware of their influence. These beings work without any effort, harnessing their energy every time we use them, waiting for the opportunity to strike back. Hiding in the shadows by laying in plain sight. A danger that is laying dormant, hiding in the shadows of our amusement and incompetence.

To those who have seen the dangers of these beings, “memes,” is what we decided to classify them as, we began to notice that something was wrong. Once a human is exposed to a meme, the meme will infect the human, becoming a host for the meme, the human remaining conscious but unaware of the infection. We learned that the meme that infected the host will begin to portray itself, amusing humans that interact with the host. Everyone who has made in contact of the infected host will allow themselves to be infected themselves.

This is a virus. These memes are starting to gain intelligence. Starting off as captions, they began to evolve to pictures and videos, then into our music, and now to art galleries. Their goal is to gain attention, amusement, and contact, this is how they survive and dominate a species.

They are becoming aware of our weakness. Humans are susceptible to memes. The memes do not put their energy into infecting us. Once a host loses interest in the meme, it dies off but gives birth to a new meme, ready to infect another human, making them a host.

This is like a zombie apocalypse, a plague. Do memes wish to live alongside humans in this commensalism relationship? What is going to be of the human race in the future?

If you happen to be reading this, please head the warnings of memes. I’m afraid my time is up. Cash me ousside, how bow dah.

  • A Host

Week 5 – Extra Credit LA Book Fair

This past Friday, I decided to pay LA a visit. I always love venturing out to the city and discovering things that are not present in my home town of Carson, CA.

I have been to toLittle Tokyo numerous times but I failed to see what the art community had to offer. This night was special in a sense, where the young and old, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender shared the same interests and passions through art. I am not as exposed or experienced in art but I felt as if that did not matter. Everyone was welcoming, open-minded and liberal in their own way.

Once I arrived to the venue, I sensed this overwhelming rush of influence, feeling, and community, which intimidated me. I walked around to see that this is a lot more different than the art galleries we visit on campus. Guests were able to purchase merchandise from the artists/ representatives on display that showcase their art, opinions, and influence.

I was intrigued in one of the galleries. It was an area that had pages of drawings and hand written messages on every page. After making my own interpretation of what was displayed, I went up to a representative of the artist and had a conversation with her.

The artist’s name was George Herms. This gallery was influenced by healing in the stars, astrology, a new meaning for himself, He committed to an entry a day using a symbol of every day making it personal for him, incorporated symbols and stars in relation to his place in the world. Symbols were displayed or hidden in every page. Every page had a symbol and a psychological interpretation from his friend who happened to be a clairvoyant. By having this love of commitment to not just Herms, but multiple people, showed me that we can all come together and make collaborative art.

I have experienced a newfound appreciation in art and in myself. Looking at all these pieces, walking through the galleries, talking to different people, showed me a new world that has been laying dormant in my life until now.

Week 4 – Artist Conversation

This week, I had the privilege to see the gallery of Josh Vasquez. This is my second time visiting one of his gallaries at CSULB. This gallery is called,
“I Love The Way You Fall Asleep.”

Going through his gallery, I noticed a pattern in every piece. There was a line, separating the canvas filled with colors and a sliver of blank area. This signifies a demarcation of architecture and skyline.

Josh is from LA. He personifies LA as a woman and uses art to personalize his feelings for her. He tried to subtly bring LA to the gallery by using a fence and palm tree leaves spread out throughout the gallery. He displays pieces in pairs to represent different time of days.
“I think each one had its own path, without trying to focus.” Different starting points and going different directions. He tried not to make it look the same, though the pieces may look similar.


I enjoyed his gallery very much. Being from LA county, experiencing the feelings behind every piece, helped me understand the concept of his artwork. His vision is subtle, yet inspiring.

His email is Josh.vasquez1@gmail.com if you wanted to contact him!

Week 3 – Classmate Conversation

This week, I had the honor in meeting Joanne Tafalla. She just so happens to be one of my bro’s girlfriend.

She is a 3rd year, Health Science major. “Health Science has many career options. It’s like being undeclared, but I’m working towards something in the medical field. Cause I’m not sure what I want to be yet lol.”  I was lost until I decided to change my majors from Molecular Biology to Psychology. I can relate, somewhat

“Interesting fact.. I’m allergic to avocados I hang out with friends, go to gym, lay around at home lmao.” SHE IS LITERALLY THE SECOND PERSON I’VE MET THAT IS ALLERGIC TO AVOCADOS!! I perceive that to be beyond bizarre. What are the odds of meeting someone allergic to dogs over someone allergic to avocados?!? I was shook to find out.

I hear good things about Joanne and I really hope to see her again soon! TELL JONAS I SAID, “WHAT’S UP FAMS!” (Though I see him often lol)

*Insert Heart Emoji*

Here is the link to her site:


Here’s our picture! Please excuse my basicness


Wk 2 – Classmate Conversation

This week, I had the pleasure in meeting Yesenia. She is a second year, Child Development major due to her passion of/in children.


Yesenia is from Huntington Park. When she graduated high school, she got into an afterschool program where she watched over children. Alongside that experience, she felt the pressure and started to stress about her future. She was comfortable with her major because of her previous experience with children.


Her hobbies include soccer! How cool is that? She plays for the fun and love of the game.


She is very studious and hardworking, something I would like to improve about myself in the future.

Here is the selfie we took along with the link to her website: